Attachments for Application

Please submit

  1. Your most recent university transcript,
  2. a study status report (listing your achievements to date),
  3. proof of your language level in Japanese or Korean (e.g. JLPT, Topik) and English and of the courses (with SWS) in Asian Studies you have taken so far (if this is not evident from the study status report),
  4. a letter of motivation indicating which partner university (Tsukuba or Korea) you wish to enroll in,
  5. a brief description in Japanese or Korean of your plans for the Master's thesis.

a short description.

The latter should help us to organize supervision according to your interests. Since you will not have much time during your studies to familiarize yourself with a completely new topic, it is important that you give at least a rough idea of the topic you will be working on when you apply. Adjustments are of course possible during the study.


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Upload your bachelor's degree transcript or a recent academic transcript (transcript).

Upload proof of your language proficiency in Japanese (e.g. JLPT) or Korean (e.g. TOPIK).

Upload evidence of your Asian Studies courses (with SWS) if they are not listed on the student progress report.

Upload a letter of motivation, including which partner university (Tsukuba or Korea) you wish to enroll in.

Upload a brief description of your master's thesis proposal written in Japanese or Korean.

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